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Post COVID-19 Pandemic Weddings Trends 2020~2021

With COVID19/Coronavirus hitting the world as a pandemic, there have been countless shifts in trends including what’s going on in the wedding industry. In this blog post, we explore future possibilities of trends in the wedding industry.

A shift from Traditional Weddings to Elopements

With numerous COVID-19 clusters being centred around weddings, there is now a negative stigma attached to mass gatherings. Many couples’ family members overseas are less likely to be able to travel far and abroad, couples may consider having an Elopement Wedding instead.

Here’s the good news:

The pandemic taught many of us that our family, relationships and commitment are now more important than ever.
Weddings will be less fluff, more intimate, purposeful and authentic – More centred around family and relationships.
Stress less about posing and care more about celebrating what’s important. Get pampered, relax more or party harder – it’s all about you!

Click on the link below on why we think Elopement Weddings are awesome!

Changes in Refund & Rescheduling Policy

A topic that got brought up many times when the pandemic and the inevitable lockdown started, was about “what to do about cancellations and refunds”. Most wedding vendors including myself, worked with contracts that enforced non-refundable deposits – wedding vendors often have this in place, in order to be paid for the admin & planning work that was done for the client before the wedding / photoshoot date.

Since the lockdown in New Zealand ended in early June, we expect changes to be made to such policies as the future seems uncertain
Because who knows what could suddenly happen?

Couples will be reluctant to pay a non-refundable deposit, as many couples have already lost tens of thousands of dollars in deposits due to the lockdown caused by covid-19.

More flexible contracts will be made by Wedding Vendors regarding deposits, re-scheduling and cancellations.

More demand for Wedding Video & Live Streaming

It is inevitable that some valued guests from overseas or out of town will miss out on your big day due to travel restrictions and health concerns. However with the advancement of technology, many wedding vendors will now be offering Wedding Live Streaming options so that your friends and loved ones can still be there to witness and celebrate your wedding ceremony.

Competitive Pricing from Wedding Vendors

Gone are the days of Queenstown being priced out for local New Zealanders. This all comes down to supply and demand in the market – with the overseas clients gone, businesses need to cater to the local New Zealand market to keep things going.

AirBnB rooms have gone from an average of $250/night to $45/night. Car Rentals have gone from $200/day to $15/day. Wedding Helicopter Charter has gone from $3800 to $1800.

”So James.. what about you guys?”

Yup! We’ve just prepared our new Winter Special packages for locals 🙂 Get in touch with us for more info.