One-sentence description: Claire and Rob celebrate their heli elopement wedding at Cecil Peak, sitting on top of a mountain overlooking Lake Wanaka.
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Claire and Rob | Heli Elopement Wedding at Cecil Peak

In a world full of chaos, finding that one person who resonates with your soul is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure. Clare and Rob’s journey together is a testament to the fact that love, shared dreams, and a thirst for adventure can create an unbreakable bond. Their wedding day, set against the stunning backdrop of Queenstown, is a celebration of their unique connection, a day where their love story was woven into the fabric of time.

Picture this: A sun-kissed day in September, the air crisp with a promise of changing seasons. High up on Cecil Peak, Clare and Rob stood before their loved ones, ready to embark on a new chapter of their lives. With the breathtaking Lake Wakatipu stretching out beneath them and the Southern Alps standing tall in the distance, the scenery was a metaphor for their love – vast, awe-inspiring, and enduring.

Their journey began long before that moment, as they shared their perfect date night. For Clare and Rob, it’s not just about the destination, but the journey itself. A day of conquering nature’s challenges – be it hiking, biking, or skiing – followed by hearty food that warms the heart and a glass of merlot to toast to life’s wonders. It’s a simple yet profound recipe for a day that’s full of life and love.

Their go-to holiday destination might have been put on hold, but their spirits remain unbroken. Explorers at heart, they’ve traversed the landscapes of New Zealand, finding solace in Queenstown’s embrace. A place where every corner holds the promise of a new adventure, where the mountains whisper secrets and the lakes sing stories of old.

And then, there’s the story of Rob’s carefully orchestrated proposal. A day that began like any other, with the sun shining brightly and laughter filling the air. Little did Clare know that this day would be etched into her heart forever. Rob, with his quirky charm, concealed the engagement ring in a raincoat (yes, even on a sunny day) and led Clare to the stunning Washpen Falls. As the water cascaded beside them, he took a knee and spoke words that danced on the edge of her emotions. Love has a way of surprising us when we least expect it, and that day was a testament to the magic of the unexpected.

Their hobbies are a reflection of their shared spirit of adventure – skiing and snowboarding, biking through trails that wind through the heart of nature, and embarking on journeys that are as much about self-discovery as they are about exploration. But it’s not all about the adrenaline rush; the quiet moments of coffee dates and hikes in sync are the threads that weave their everyday life into something extraordinary.

Yet, even in their competitive rivalry, they find connection. Squash battles that are as much about friendly competition as they are about sharing moments of joy. Board games that bring out their strategic sides, especially in the unpredictable twists of Monopoly deal, revealing a bond that thrives on laughter and shared challenges.

Now, imagine this couple, stranded on a desert island, with nothing but a preloaded bluetooth speaker. Their playlist would be a reflection of their journey – the songs that marked their most significant moments. From the timeless “Stand By Me” by Ben E King to the soul-stirring “This Years Love” by David Gray, and the intimate melodies of John Legend’s “Conversations in the Dark.” And because life is about balance, a sprinkle of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Cat Stevens to remind them of the eclectic journey they’ve shared.

In a world where the meaning of love is often misconstrued, Clare and Rob’s wedding day stands as a beacon of authenticity. A day where every element, from the setting sun to the laughter shared, spoke volumes about their love story. A tale of two adventurers who found not just a partner, but a kindred spirit in each other. And as Queenstown witnessed their vows, it also bore witness to the profound truth that love, commitment, and individuality can thrive in unison, creating a symphony that echoes through time.

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