Dios and Carlyn's Queenstown Heli Pre Wedding captures a bride and groom on top of Cecil Peak in New Zealand.
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Dios & Carlyn | Queenstown Heli Pre Wedding at Cecil Peak

In the heart of Queenstown’s breathtaking landscapes, a love story unfolded that was as vibrant and unique as the mountains that surrounded them. As your trusted Queenstown Wedding Photographer, we had the privilege of capturing Dios and Carlyn’s pre-wedding shoot on a crisp February 11, 2022. Join us as we delve into their story, capturing the essence of their connection against the backdrop of Moke Lake, Coronet Peak, Cecil Peak, and the picturesque Garden Spur. This is a celebration of love, individuality, and the magic of shared dreams.

A Journey Written in the Stars: Dios and Carlyn’s Love Story

Dios and Carlyn’s love story is one that proves that destiny has a funny way of bringing two hearts together. From their chance meeting to their shared laughter, their journey is a tapestry woven with moments that reflect the beauty of their connection. Just like the stars that fill the night sky, their love shines bright and illuminates their path forward.

Love’s Altitude: A Proposal at Garden Spur

As the world watched, Dios chose the stunning Garden Spur as the location to make a promise of forever to Carlyn. With Cecil Peak and the picturesque landscape surrounding them, he knelt down, a ring in hand, and asked Carlyn to embark on a new chapter of their journey together. The altitude of their love was mirrored by the breathtaking views that witnessed their commitment.

Capturing Love’s Essence: The Pre-Wedding Shoot

Their pre-wedding shoot was a celebration of their journey, their love, and the moments they’ve shared. Against the backdrop of Moke Lake‘s serene waters and Coronet Peak’s grandeur, their connection was captured in frames that told a story of love, laughter, and dreams shared. Each photograph was a reflection of their journey, a chapter in the story they’re writing together.

A Symphony of Beauty: Charm Beauty’s Touch

Carlyn’s natural beauty was enhanced by the talented hands of Charm Beauty, highlighting her radiance while allowing her true self to shine. Every brushstroke and every touch reflected the unique beauty that is Carlyn, capturing her essence in a way that only an artist’s touch could.

Love Takes Flight: An Adventure with HeliWorks

Dios and Carlyn’s love took flight as they soared above Queenstown’s landscapes in a helicopter from HeliWorks. With the world below and the sky above, they were reminded of the heights their love has reached. Just as they embraced the adventure of flight, their love is an adventure that they’re navigating together.

A Haven of Love: The Hilton Hotel

The Hilton Hotel served as their haven, a space where they could find comfort and be themselves. Their accommodation was a reflection of their love’s uniqueness – a blend of two individuals who’ve come together to create a space where they can be themselves, where love is celebrated in every corner.

Cherished Moments and Shared Dreams

Dios and Carlyn’s pre-wedding shoot was a celebration of cherished moments and shared dreams. Against the backdrop of the mountains they adore, they showcased the beauty of their individuality and the strength of their bond. Every photograph was a testament to the love they share and the journey they’re embarking upon.

A Message to the Heart: Dios and Carlyn’s Love Story

As you plan your own wedding journey, let Dios and Carlyn’s story be a reminder that love is an adventure filled with unique moments. Just as they celebrated their love amidst Queenstown’s beauty, your journey too will be a tapestry of moments, laughter, and dreams. Our role as your Queenstown Wedding Photographer is to capture your journey, your love, and your commitment – creating frames that hold the magic of your story.

Getting Ready at Hilton Hotel with Charm Beauty Hair and Makeup

Pre Wedding Shoot at Moke Lake and Coronet Peak

Pre Wedding Shoot at Cecil Peak and Garden Spur