Queenstown New Zealand Elopement Wedding Photographer - Kyle and Jess's Moke Lake elopement wedding, with a bride and groom standing in the snow in front of a mountain.
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Kyle and Jess | Moke Lake Elopement Wedding

Kyle and Jess, two souls deeply in love, embarked on their extraordinary wedding journey on the 9th of July, 2021, in the picturesque Queenstown. Surrounded by the stunning landscapes of New Zealand and the warmth of their family and friends, their special day was nothing short of a fairytale come true. We are excited to share their enchanting love story and wedding day with you, as we explore the magic of Queenstown through their eyes.

The Love Story Begins:

From the very beginning, Kyle and Jess’s connection was undeniable. Their love story is one of serendipity, where two souls found each other against all odds. Their relationship blossomed, a testament to the power of love and destiny.

A Dreamy Setting:

The ceremony took place at the breathtaking Moke Lake, a serene oasis nestled amidst the towering Southern Alps. The calm waters mirrored the tranquility in the couple’s hearts as they exchanged their vows. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, their love was truly the centerpiece of the day.

Beauty and Elegance:

Jess radiated with beauty on her special day, thanks to the talented Charm Beauty team who worked their magic on her hair and makeup. Her ethereal grace was matched only by the natural beauty of Queenstown itself. The photoshoot, held at Wilson Bay, captured their love against the backdrop of crystal-clear waters and snow-capped mountains.

A Love Nest:

HawkRidge Estate served as the perfect accommodation for the couple and their guests, offering luxury and comfort in the heart of Queenstown. It provided a serene escape, allowing them to cherish precious moments before and after the wedding.

The Ceremony:

Under the guidance of the wonderful Philippa Thomas, the ceremony was a heartfelt celebration of love. Kyle and Jess’s vows were a testament to their commitment and devotion, echoing through the mountains and the lake. Their love story, shared with their closest friends and family, left not a dry eye in the crowd.

Deeper Meanings and Personal Insights:

This Queenstown wedding was not just a union of two souls; it was a celebration of love, commitment, and individuality. As we reflect on their journey, we are reminded that weddings are more than just ceremonies; they are the embodiment of love’s profound magic. The exchange of rings symbolized a commitment that would last a lifetime, while the kiss sealed a love that would endure through all seasons.

A Message to Future Couples:

To couples planning their special day, we want to convey this: your wedding is a canvas for your unique love story. Just like Kyle and Jess, let your personalities shine through every detail. Find a place that speaks to your hearts, surround yourself with talented professionals who share your vision, and most importantly, let love be your guide.

In Queenstown, where every corner is a picture-perfect moment waiting to happen, Kyle and Jess found their happily ever after. Their wedding day was a beautiful testament to the power of love, the beauty of nature, and the significance of celebrating life’s most precious moments.

In conclusion, whether you’re dreaming of a Queenstown wedding or planning an event closer to home, remember that love is at the heart of it all. As you embark on your own journey, may you find inspiration in the love story of Kyle and Jess, a story that reminds us that every wedding is a unique chapter in the book of love.

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Getting Ready at Hawkridge Estate

First Look

Ceremony at Moke Lake

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