Michelle and Vedran's elopement wedding at Rees Valley Station, with mountains in the background.
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Michelle and Vedran | Rees Valley Station Elopement Wedding

In the heart of the breathtaking landscapes of Queenstown, Michelle and Vedran’s love story unfolded like a timeless fairytale. On that enchanting day, October 4, 2021, amidst the rustling leaves and the stunning backdrop of Rees Valley Station, their wedding celebration was a culmination of dreams, love, and individuality. As your Queenstown Wedding Planners, we are thrilled to take you on a journey through the magic of Michelle and Vedran’s wedding day.

The essence of their relationship, peppered with laughter and shared moments, became a cornerstone for their special day. As they sat down to recount their perfect date night, their smiles were infectious. A drive-in movie, nestled in an old car Vedran was diligently restoring, unfolded as a canvas of cherished memories. It was moments like these that wove the fabric of their story, reflecting the beauty of simple togetherness.

When asked about their ideal weekend getaway, family played a pivotal role. With families spanning across California and Auckland, their bond remained unbreakable. Their perfect weekend escapade included venturing to places unknown, creating memories with their loved ones, and basking in the warmth of shared experiences. It was this sense of togetherness that made their wedding a true celebration of unity.

Amidst the laughter and love, the proposal had its own unique charm. On the Pinnacles track in Wellington, against the backdrop of natural marvels, Vedran’s candid question took center stage. With a heart full of love and a touch of awkwardness, he popped the question, sparking an eruption of laughter that encapsulated the authenticity of their bond. This gentle moment of vulnerability cemented their connection and showcased the depth of their love.

As we delved into their hobbies, Vedran’s multitude of interests stood out. From basketball and classic cars to swimming and hunting, his passions painted a portrait of versatility. Michelle’s pursuits, though more selective, mirrored her refined taste – cooking, recipe creation, home décor, and organization. The harmonious blend of their hobbies illuminated their ability to complement each other’s uniqueness.

Competitive rivalry, another thread in the tapestry of their love, revealed their spirited connection. Trivia battles, Monopoly marathons, and even go-kart racing ignited their friendly competitiveness, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures. These shared experiences showcased the vibrant dynamics of their relationship, fueled by a desire to celebrate life together.

If stranded on a desert island, their playlist would mirror the rich mosaic of their personalities. From timeless oldies by Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley to the soul-stirring notes of classic rock, their shared love for music became a harmonious representation of their journey. Sprinkled with Spanish melodies, their playlist would echo the cadence of their shared aspirations.

Michelle and Vedran’s wedding day was a reflection of their story, intertwined with moments of love, vulnerability, and authenticity. With the backdrop of Queenstown’s natural splendor and the expertise of Philippa Thomas, the celebrant, Charm Beauty for hair and makeup, Orange Blossom Designs for florals, and the scenic Lake Hayes for a night shoot, their celebration encapsulated the essence of individuality and unity.

As you embark on your wedding journey, let Michelle and Vedran’s story inspire you to embrace the beauty of simplicity, shared moments, and the deep bonds that weave two souls together. Let your love story unfold in a way that resonates with your true selves, just like theirs did on that magical day in Queenstown. Your adventure awaits, and we’re here to help you craft your own enchanting tale.

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