Queenstown New Zealand Elopement Wedding Photographer - Sarah and Tim share a breathtaking kiss during their Scenic Queenstown Heli Elopement Wedding, atop a mountain overlooking Lake Wanaka.
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Sarah and Tim | Scenic Queenstown Heli Elopement Wedding

Sarah and Tim’s love story is like a carefully woven tapestry, each thread representing the moments, emotions, and shared dreams that have bound them together. On the 19th of April 2021, against the breathtaking backdrop of Queenstown, this beautiful couple embarked on a journey of a lifetime as they celebrated their love and commitment in a wedding that captured the essence of their relationship.

A Scenic Beginning

The stage was set amidst the pristine beauty of Queenstown’s natural landscape, with Cecil Peak as the backdrop for their ceremony. As the sun cast its golden rays upon the lake, the couple exchanged vows that were as timeless as the mountains themselves. It was a testament to the enduring strength of their love, a love that had been nurtured over time and had blossomed into something truly remarkable.

The Heartfelt Ceremony

The talented celebrant, Andrew Bell, conducted the ceremony with a deep understanding of Sarah and Tim’s journey. His words resonated with the couple, weaving their unique love story into the traditional vows and rituals. Sarah and Tim’s smiles radiated happiness as they promised to stand by each other’s side through all of life’s adventures.

Beauty in Every Detail

Every aspect of their wedding day was a reflection of their personalities and their love for each other. Ikuko Miyata‘s artistry in hair and makeup highlighted Sarah’s natural beauty, allowing her to shine like the Queenstown stars. The floral arrangements by Orange Blossom Designs added a touch of color and fragrance to the day, mirroring the vibrant and joyous spirit of the couple.

A Dreamlike Experience

One of the most memorable moments of the day was the helicopter ride to The Remarkables for a second landing. Surrounded by the grandeur of the Southern Alps, Sarah and Tim felt like they were on top of the world. The experience was not just about the breathtaking views but also symbolized the heights they were willing to reach for each other.

Capturing Love’s Essence

The post-wedding shoot in Arrowtown, Lake Hayes, and Coronet Peak was an opportunity to capture the candid moments of love and happiness that Sarah and Tim shared. Against the backdrop of Queenstown’s picturesque landscapes, their love story came to life through the lens of the camera, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

A Love That Soars

Sarah and Tim’s Queenstown wedding was a testament to their love, a love that is as grand and enduring as the mountains themselves. Their choice of Queenstown as their wedding destination was not just about the stunning scenery but also a representation of their love’s strength and the heights it can reach.

In the world of weddings, where trends come and go, it is refreshing to see a couple like Sarah and Tim who celebrated their individuality, their love, and their commitment in a way that was uniquely their own. Their wedding was not just an event; it was a reflection of their journey, their dreams, and their love story.

So, to all the couples out there planning their special day, take inspiration from Sarah and Tim’s love story. Remember that your wedding is a canvas on which you can paint the colors of your love, and Queenstown, with its majestic beauty, is the perfect backdrop for your own love story.

In the end, it’s not about the details or the grandeur; it’s about the love you share and the commitment you make. Like Sarah and Tim, may your wedding day be a celebration of your unique love, a day that you will treasure forever.

As a Queenstown Wedding Planner, we understand the significance of creating a wedding that is as extraordinary as your love story. Let us help you craft a day that is a true reflection of your love, just like Sarah and Tim did on that beautiful April day in Queenstown.

Getting ready with Hair and Makeup by Ikuko Miyata

Ceremony at Cecil Peak

Post shoot at The Remarkables

Post shoot at Arrowtown, Lake Hayes and Coronet Peak