Thanks for requesting for additional Photoshop Editing.

All Photoshop Editing will be handled by my editing staff, and not by me (James Hirata).

The requests you share with us will be kept privately, and no disclosure will be made to any third parties.

You may request for things such as:

  • Removing objects/people from the background
  • Fixing flying hair or adding volume to hair
  • Altering facial expressions (eg: nice photo but not the ideal facial expression – maybe it was cold and windy)
  • Removing acne or any marks on the skin
  • Slimming (to a reasonable extent) – Arms, Neck, Face, Legs, Torso, Glutes
  • Enlarging (to a reasonable extent) – Arms, Shoulders, Glutes, Chest, Dress train, Veil
  • Skin brightening

We don’t do the following:

  • Completely changing the scenery (landscapes and sky)
  • Changing your outfits
  • Changing you or your partner’s face to someone else’s
  • Adding objects and people that were not there at the time of the Photoshoot

Step by Step Guide to Request for Photoshop Editing

Step 1: Check your email inbox, and go to your Online Gallery Link that I have sent you

eg: gallery.jameshirata.co.nz/YOURGALLERY

Step 2: Click on the Gallery Thumbnail under the main banner image

Step 3: Hover over the Photos you want to have edited, and click on the HEART button to add them to your “Favourites” Selection

Step 4: Once you have selected the Photos you want to have edited, CLICK on the Heart button on the top right corner of the gallery. This will take your to your “Favourites” Gallery of the photos you want to have edited. If you’ve changed your mind, you can click on the heart shape over the individual image again to un-select it.

Step 5: Once you are in the “Favourites” Gallery, click on the DOWNLOAD ICON on the top right corner, and fill out your details. The FULL SIZE photos will be emailed to you directly, in about 5-10 minutes.

Step 6: Once you have successfully downloaded the Full Size Photos (please wait 5-10 mins after Step 5), please EMAIL ME that you have downloaded the Full Size Photos to be edited.

I will then send you a Google Drive Folder link, where you can upload the Full Size Photos (you can Drag & Drop)

You can then add editing notes/requests by clicking on the Pencil Icon (Edit Description).

Once this is done, please give me up to 14 days to complete the Photoshopping.

After this, we may have to take more time for revisions if required.