Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell, renowned Wedding Celebrant, has become synonymous with unique and intimate Wedding Ceremonies that captivate the soul.

Embark on a visual journey through our selection of breathtaking weddings officiated by Andrew. Each post unveils a new story, narrated with authenticity and crafted with care, just as Andrew does with every union.

Whether it’s a Heli-Wedding Elopement Package set atop Queenstown’s majestic peaks or a heart-stirring Intimate Wedding that captures the anticipation of love’s lifetime adventure, Andrew Bell’s artistic finesse will lead you to the essence of marital joy.


Queenstown New Zealand Elopement Wedding Photographer - Lam and Wendy's Kamana Lakehouse Wedding atop a mountain overlooking Lake Wanaka.
Lam and Wendy’s Kamana Lakehouse Wedding and Heli Shoot
Lam and Wendys's Kamana Lakehouse Wedding and Heli shoot with Nomad Weddings. Photos taken from Kamana Lakehouse and Mt. Creighton.
Shannon and Riaan eloping in Queenstown, New Zealand, standing on top of a rock in the mountains.
Shannon and Riaan | Elopement Wedding , Queenstown New Zealand
Love stories are like snowflakes—each one is unique, intricate, and beautiful in its own way. We had the immense pleasure of bein...
Huey Wen & Neil | Heli Elopement Wedding at Coromandel Peak
Huey Wen and Neil Elopement Wedding ceremony at the Mt. Roy Coromandel Peak, with Team Nomad Wedding Elopement Wedding Photographer
Pinky & Francis Queenstown NZ, Cecil Peak Heli Wedding
Pinky & Francis’s Queenstown NZ, Cecil Peak Heli Wedding Photography
New Zeland heli wedding elopement packages photographer Cecil Peak
queenstown new zealand starry night milkyway astro photographer wedding
Melissa & Dave’s Queenstown NZ, Wedding Photography
After a lovely family day out, and while Mel was in the shower, Dave dressed himself and the three kids in t-shirts he had made w...
queenstown cecil peak ledge heli wedding photographer nz
Alana & Andrew’s Queenstown NZ, Cecil Peak Heli Wedding Elopement
"We did a heli-elopement package and OMGOODNESS 😍🙌✨ We loved it so much!!! Thank you so much to James and his incredible Team. They were all so lovely, helpful, encouraging and comfortable to be around! I really really appreciated having Tomomi and Ayaka there as well - they were so incredibly helpful and amazing the entire day! We love our spectacular wedding photos and couldn't be happier ☺️ for couples wanting a stress free and romantic day that's all about them - I would highly recommend this option 💖"
queenstown nz heli wedding mt creighton photographer
Deana & Alex’s Queenstown NZ, Mt Creighton Heli Wedding Deana and Alex' Queenstown NZ Mt Creighton Heli Wedding Elopement. Planning, Photography and Vi...
queenstown nz cecil peak heli wedding elopement photographer
Francis & Pinky | Cecil Peak Elopement, Queenstown New Zealand
Hey there, lovebirds and wedding enthusiasts! Today, we're thrilled to share with you the heartwarming tale of ...
Shannon & Riaan’s Queenstown Bayonet Peaks Heli-Wedding Elopement
Queenstown New Zealand Heli-Wedding Elopement Package Photographer Bayonet Peaks クイーンズタウン ニュージーランド ウェディング 前撮り フォトウェディング
Amy and Eden share an enchanting kiss during their Lake Erskine heli elopement wedding.
Amy & Eden | Enchanting Lake Erskine Heli Elopement Wedding
Amy & Eden's Enchanting Heli Elopement Wedding with Nomad Weddings. Photographed at Lake Erskine, Rees Valley Station and Kamana Lakehouse