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About Photoshoots at Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo has been a very popular destination for Pre-Wedding Shoots, and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic our customers from overseas were keeping us very busy, going to Tekapo up to 4 times a week.

Tekapo has been a popular destination because:

  • It was trendy up to 2019
  • People want to take photos with the lupins
  • People want to take photos with the famous Church of the Good Shepherd
  • People want to stop by on the way, at the famous tree at Lake Wanaka, as well as Mt Cook
  • People want to visit Mt John for its famous views of Lake Tekapo

As of 2020 however, we can no longer recommend doing 2-day trips to Lake Tekapo for a multitude of reasons.

  • No Lupins reason #1: The local council is using weed-spray to kill off the lupins.
  • No Lupins reason #2: Severe flooding in December 2019 killed off most lupins by the lakeside.
  • No church: The Church of the Good Shepherd no longer accepts bookings for photoshoots and weddings – it’s a place of worship after all, and they’ve made enough money for the last 30+ years.
  • No Mt John access: Mt John has banned wedding photography.
  • Only one local Makeup Artist: You will have to hire a makeup artist from out of town.
  • No backup option if it rains, otherwise you will have to pay for extra nights of accommodation & the photographer/makeup artist’s fees.
  • Too many tourists on the way to Tekapo.

Instead of going all the way to Lake Tekapo, we recommend shooting around Queenstown, Wanaka and Glenorchy with a chartered Helicopter. We have many good reasons to recommend this over Tekapo:

  • Less travelling & fatigue: A few mins of driving + flying on the helicopter in Queenstown, instead of driving for over 600km around the mountains just to get to a few similar looking lakes on the way to Tekapo.
  • Queenstown, Wanaka and Glenorchy gets lupins too during summer between mid-November and early-January.
  • Much more stunning landscapes up on the mountain tops.
  • No tourists on the mountain top.
  • Beautiful starry night shots without driving all the way to Tekapo.
  • Easy to re-schedule for weather changes.
  • Much bigger selection of Wedding Vendors such as Makeup Artists, Florists, Celebrants, Dress Rentals etc that can work as back-up options in the case of any emergency.
Size comparison between Singapore & the drive from Queenstown to Tekapo (6 hours round trip with no breaks, through mountain valleys). This trip is not as easy as catching an MRT ride from Woodlands to Changi.
Milkyway Photos in Queenstown
Lupins in Queenstown

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