Queenstown Elopement Heli Wedding Photographer クイーンズタウン結婚式 | Elopement wedding ceremony with the bride and groom standing on top of a hill overlooking Lake Wanaka.
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Alex & Michael | Roys Peak Elopement Wedding

Their love story began when they instantly hit it off. They bonded over their shared love for adventure and the great outdoors, after meeting through mutual friends. After years of unforgettable experiences, they decided to tie the knot in a breathtaking Queenstown elopement wedding.

The Journey Begins: Getting Ready Amidst Stunning Landscapes

The day commenced with Sandra and Caleb getting ready together, surrounded by the stunning landscapes of Queenstown. Philippa Thomas, their warm and personable celebrant, set the perfect tone for their intimate ceremony. Orange Blossom Designs created exquisite floral arrangements, adding a touch of natural beauty to the occasion.

Capturing Every Precious Moment: Beauty, Vows, and Majestic Backdrops

Charm Beauty worked their magic on Sandra, enhancing her natural radiance. Meanwhile, Nomad Weddings captured every precious moment in both photos and video. As the clock struck 3:20 pm, Sandra and Caleb embarked on their journey to forever! Nomad Weddings’ talented elopement wedding photographers are already in place to document their adventure.

Cherished Memories and New Beginnings

It went by seamlessly, with the couple exchanging heartfelt vows at Isobel Glacier before venturing to the majestic Mt Roy. The stunning scenery provided the perfect backdrop for their love story. Nomad Weddings preserved these cherished memories. As the sun began to set, Sandra and Caleb made their way back to the hangar. They were greeted with warmth and congratulations. Their elopement wedding adventure concluded with a drop-off at their accommodation. It left them to reflect on the magical day they had shared.

A Day Filled with Joy, Adventure, and Commitment

Sandra and Caleb’s Queenstown elopement wedding was a reflection of their love and commitment to each other. It was a day filled with joy, adventure, and the beauty of nature, encapsulating everything that makes their relationship unique. As they begin this new chapter in their lives, they are excited to continue their journey together, hand in hand, creating more unforgettable memories along the way.

This post captures their remarkable love story and their breathtaking Queenstown elopement wedding. It’s a celebration of love, adventure, and the beauty of finding your soulmate in the most unexpected places.

Getting Ready

First look

Lochnagar Saddle

Ceremony at Roy’s Peak