Amy and Michael share a passionate kiss during their heli wedding on the Ledge on Cecil Peak in New Zealand.


Welcome to our corner of the internet, where love stories come alive! Today, we’re thrilled to share the heartwarming journey of Amy and Michael, who embarked on an adventure of a lifetime and tied the knot on December 20, 2022. Join us as we dive into their incredible relationship and their dreamy wedding day, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of New Zealand’s majestic mountains.

It’s funny how love has its own way of surprising us. Amy and Michael first crossed paths in high school, and if you had asked them back then, they might not have predicted that they’d become each other’s greatest love. Despite initial differences, fate had its say, and they soon discovered an unbreakable bond that led to a beautiful journey of shared dreams. Buying and renovating a house, moving to a different state, and welcoming numerous furry friends into their lives, their story was already an incredible adventure.

The engagement story of Amy and Michael is nothing short of magical. Picture this: December in Norway, with the Northern Lights dancing across the sky. It was on a snow-covered mountain in Tromso that Michael got down on one knee and asked Amy to be his forever. The breathtaking landscape mirrored the magnitude of their love, and that snowy mountaintop became the canvas for a love story that would continue to unfold.

When it comes to their wedding day style, Amy and Michael have chosen a perfect blend of mountain charm and classic elegance. The mountains hold a special place in their hearts, so it’s only fitting that their love story is etched against the grandeur of New Zealand’s peaks. Amy’s unique touch includes white boots and a black denim jacket for those cozy moments, while Michael opts for a dark grey classic suit that radiates timeless charm.

As the big day draws near, Amy and Michael are most excited about two things: the ceremony and the photos. The ceremony is a profound moment where their journey takes a leap into the realm of forever, and they can’t wait to celebrate with their closest loved ones. As for the photos, New Zealand’s jaw-dropping scenery is all set to play a starring role. With mountains as witnesses, their love story will be captured in frames that echo the grandeur of their emotions.

As the sun sets over the mountains of New Zealand, Amy and Michael’s new chapter as a married couple begins. Their journey, marked by love, adventure, and shared dreams, has led them to this moment of promise and commitment. Their story reminds us that even amidst the challenges and surprises, love finds a way to flourish.

From high school acquaintances to lifelong partners, Amy and Michael’s journey is one of resilience, growth, and unwavering love. We’re truly honored to have been part of their New Zealand mountain wedding, a day that mirrors the magnificence of their love story. As they begin this new phase together, we wish them endless joy, love, and breathtaking sunsets over their shared horizons.

Stay tuned for more love stories, adventures, and inspirations right here. And if you’re envisioning your own magical day, remember that dreams do come true. Just like Amy and Michael’s love story, yours can also be carved against the majestic canvas of life’s most breathtaking moments.

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