Queenstown New Zealand Elopement Wedding Photographer - Bo and Junyi, on top of a mountain, embrace their unforgettable heli pre-wedding shoot featuring 4 breathtaking landings.
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Bo and Junyi | Heli Pre Wedding Shoot with 4 Landings

Bo and Junyi’s love story is a testament to the beauty of simplicity and the power of genuine connection. They met through a common friend, and although their first date was unremarkable in itself, there was an underlying sense of promise in the air. Bo recalls, “The other person was nice, and I was happy to see them again.” Little did they know, their lives were about to change in the most extraordinary way.

Their relationship blossomed effortlessly, much like a smooth spread of butter on a warm piece of toast. They navigated life together with grace, embracing each other’s quirks and strengths. Junyi admired Bo’s straightforwardness, while Bo cherished Junyi’s sweetness and caring nature. It was clear to both of them that their love was something extraordinary. “Life is too comfortable with them,” Bo says, “and I can see ourselves together.”

Their engagement story was a testament to their love for privacy. Junyi arranged a private rooftop proposal in Sydney, complete with champagne, flowers, and a photographer to capture the moment. It was a quiet, intimate celebration of their love, a reflection of the deep connection they shared.

One thing they love most about each other is their mere presence. Their relationship is grounded in authenticity, and they find solace in simply being together. They have no children but share their lives with a beloved Japanese Spitz named Mochi.

Their secret to a successful relationship is refreshingly simple: be themselves, stay happy, and avoid making small issues into big problems. Sharing a love for the same cuisines and enjoying meals together is an essential part of their bond.

While they may not be sure how they bring out the best in each other, they’ve achieved a remarkable feat together—a vast collection of Legos that they’ve built side by side. Their strength as a couple lies in trust and reliance, which has only grown stronger with time.

Bo and Junyi’s future plans are nothing short of adventurous. Instead of a traditional wedding, they’ve decided to embark on a journey to free countries, capturing their love in different corners of the world. Their current plan includes Japan, China, Singapore, and France—a truly unique way to celebrate their commitment to one another.

For them, marriage is the next step in their journey—a continuation of the life they’ve built together. It’s about commitment and the reassurance that their love will endure, no matter what life throws their way.

As they’ve traveled the world together, they’ve encountered some amusing situations, from forest fires to power cuts and earthquakes. These experiences, although sometimes daunting, have only strengthened their bond and added a touch of adventure to their story.

Bo and Junyi’s love story reminds us that true love is about the simple moments, the deep connection, and the adventure of building a life together. Their journey is a testament to the power of authenticity, and it’s a story that inspires us all to embrace love with an open heart.

Getting Ready with Hair and Makeup by Ikuko Miyata

First landing at Lake Lochnagar

Second landing at Tyndall Glacier

Third landing at Earnslaw Burn

Fourth landing at The Remarkables Double Cone