Queenstown Elopement Heli Wedding Photographer クイーンズタウン結婚式 | A bride and groom standing on top of a mountain in Queenstown with a helicopter flying over them.
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Christine & Rene | Queenstown Heli Elopement


In beautiful fashion, amidst the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand, Christine and Rene had an amazing Queenstown elopement. And, it ended in a picturesque elopement that captured the essence of their bond. Guided by their shared passion for simplicity and grandeur, their wedding day unfolded as a testament to their profound connection.

The Beginning:

Their story began in a cozy Spanish Tapas restaurant in Jersey City, where fate orchestrated their first encounter. Christine was charmed by Rene’s fluent Spanish as he perused the menu, igniting a spark that would shape their future. Amidst laughter and shared moments, their bond deepened. And with karaoke on their third date marking the moment, they realized their connection was something special.

The Engagement:

In the sun-kissed shores of Cancun, Mexico, Rene sealed their love with a breathtaking proposal. Therefore, setting the stage for their journey towards marriage. Furthermore, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the promise of forever, they embraced the beginning of a new chapter. It’s marked by love, commitment, and boundless adventures.

Wedding Style and Theme:

Christine and Rene envisioned their elopement day to be both understated and extraordinary. And for that, they opted for a style that merged simplicity with grandeur. With Queenstown’s majestic landscapes as their backdrop, they aimed to weave a tale of love and adventure. Thus, capturing the essence of their relationship amidst nature’s splendor.

Anticipation and Excitement:

As the Queenstown elopement day approached, anticipation soared. For Christine and Rene, the highlight awaited in the form of a helicopter ride, promising unparalleled views and moments of pure bliss. The prospect of exchanging vows amidst nature’s grandeur filled them with excitement, each second bringing them closer to the magical moment when they would officially become partners for life.

Vendors and Logistics:

With meticulous planning and the expertise of a dedicated team of vendors, Christine and Rene’s vision came to life seamlessly. From Philippa Thomas, their celebrant, who conducted the ceremony with grace and warmth, to Steph of Orange Blossom Designs, whose floral arrangements added a touch of elegance to the affair, each vendor played a vital role in crafting their perfect day. James and Ayaka of Nomad Weddings immortalized every moment through their lens, ensuring that the memories of this day would last a lifetime.


As the sun set on their enchanting elopement day, Christine and Rene found themselves surrounded by the beauty of Queenstown, their hearts overflowing with love and gratitude. In each other’s arms, they embarked on the journey ahead, filled with shared dreams, endless adventures, and a love that would stand the test of time. Their Queenstown elopement was not just a celebration of their love; it was a testament to the magic of two souls finding each other amidst the wonders of the world.

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