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Danielle and Kevin | Coromandel Peak Heli Elopement Wedding

“James and his team made our entire wedding experience absolutely perfect, from start to finish. Working with him to set up our helicopter elopement was simple, and probably the easiest choice we could have made. He took care of us at every step, coordinated all the details, and we literally just had to show up with our clothes on, ready to have fun and get married. On the day, James and Josh were friendly, supportive, and we genuinely enjoyed getting to know them. Since we eloped without anyone in attendance, we spent our most special day with these two incredible people, and we loved every minute. We cannot express how stunning and epic the photos are, nor the uniqueness of our experience when we tell others. James and Josh took us to several locations to do photos with interesting and beautiful scenery, they gave direction so well that neither of us felt awkward (as we usually do having our pictures taken), and the outcomes speak for themselves. Aside from the standard photos, James has incredible insight on food options during your stay in New Zealand, as well as direction on awesome things to do. After the wedding, we did most of the things on James’ list, and not one disappointed. We are so fortunate that we decided to work with James and his team, and we will share from the rooftops to anyone who will listen that this was one of the best choices we’ve ever made. THANK you to James and his team, for everything.”

-Danielle and Kevin

Hey there, fellow romantics and wedding enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into a heartwarming tale that’ll make you believe in the magic of love. Meet Danielle and Kevin, two souls who found each other amidst the halls of academia and are now embarking on a lifelong adventure together. We’re bringing you the scoop on their incredible love story and their dreamy wedding day set against the breathtaking backdrop of Queenstown’s stunning landscapes.

A University Connection Turned Lifelong Bond

Picture this: the picturesque city of Dunedin, New Zealand, where the air was filled with academic fervor and youthful excitement. It was in this charming city that Danielle and Kevin’s love story began. Both students at Otago University, destiny orchestrated their meeting in a rather unconventional way. Kevin, a tutor, and Danielle, an RA, crossed paths in the hallways and started exchanging smiles that soon turned into conversations.

From those first few words, their journey unfolded – evening strolls, ice cream dates, and leisurely walks by the water. Their connection grew stronger, and before they knew it, they were graduates ready to embark on the next phase of their journey together. A move to Wellington, eight years of shared experiences, travel adventures, and weathering life’s challenges only cemented their bond further.

A Proposal in Paradise

Fast forward to a crisp August morning in 2020, the stunning Queenstown awaited this dynamic duo. With the backdrop of majestic mountains and the shimmering Lake Wakatipu, Kevin dropped to one knee and presented a sparkling ring to Danielle. As the sun’s golden rays painted the landscape, she joyfully exclaimed, “Yes!” Their love story was forever etched in the serene beauty of Queenstown.

A Love as Strong as the Mountains

Why Queenstown for their pre-wedding shoot, you ask? It’s simple: the natural beauty of the area resonates with the essence of their relationship. Snow-capped peaks, vibrant local flora, and the undeniable charm of Queenstown – all elements that mirror their love’s strength and beauty.

Now, what’s the couple most looking forward to on their big day? Well, they’re excited about creating precious memories through photography. As newcomers to the world of photoshoots, they’re embracing this new experience with open hearts and a spirit of adventure.

The Big Day and Beyond

As the sun rises on April 24, 2023, love will take center stage on Coromandel Peak. With Nomad Weddings behind the lens, capturing every smile, tear, and tender moment, Danielle and Kevin are ready to say “I do” and embark on the grandest adventure of all – marriage.

And let’s not forget the team that’s making it all possible: Orange Blossom Designs weaving floral magic, HawkRidge Estate providing a cozy haven, Charm Beauty adding the finishing touches, Alpine Helicopters adding a dash of excitement, and the delightful Sophia Shortcliffe guiding the ceremony.

So there you have it – a love story that started with chance encounters, bloomed amidst nature’s beauty, and is now ready to take the leap into forever. With hearts full of love and eyes set on the horizon, Danielle and Kevin are proof that when you find your person, the journey is worth every step.

Stay tuned for the magical moments and breathtaking views as we follow this duo on their wedding day extravaganza. Love is in the air, and we’re here to capture it all – the laughter, the tears, and the beginning of an extraordinary chapter in their lives. Until next time, keep spreading the love! 🌟💍🥂

Getting Ready at Hawkridge Estate

Hair and Make up by Charm Beauty

First look at Hawkridge Estate

Pre wedding shoot at Speargrass

Pre wedding shoot at Lake Hayes and Arrowtown

Wedding ceremony at Mt. Roy’s peak

Dinner at the food park in Wānaka

Post wedding shoot with the Northern lights