A bride and groom eloping in Queenstown, New Zealand, walking down a hill overlooking Lake Wanaka.
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Emma & Ryan | Mt. Roy’s Peak Heli Elopement Wedding

Married 10.01.23 with a heli- elopement package. Thank you so much to James & his wonderful team for making our day so special! We had the most wonderful experience & highly recommend James Hirata to anyone. If we could give more stars we would! Right from the start James has been wonderful to deal with. He is a great communicator & absolutely knows his stuff. On the day James & Tomomi were incredible, they made us feel so special & comfortable. We were both so nervous going into the day not knowing what to expect but they made us feel at ease with their kindness & light hearted humor. James gives so much guidance with photos so you don’t need to know what your doing or feel awkward, he helps to make you feel comfortable & get the most of out of your special day. They also give great restaurant & holiday tips too! We have already received our sneak peak photos and they are incredible & have well & truly exceeded our expectations. We could go on and on about how amazing James and his team are! Please do yourself a favour & book with James & his team- you won’t regret it.

– Emma & Ryan

Hey there, fellow adventure enthusiasts and hopeless romantics! We’ve got a tale that’s going to warm your hearts and inspire your sense of wanderlust. Grab a cozy blanket and your favorite hot beverage, because we’re diving into the captivating love story of Emma and Ryan, who tied the knot on a crisp January 10, 2023.

Imagine this: the breathtaking Coromandel Peak as the backdrop, the fresh mountain air kissing your cheeks, and the promise of a love-filled journey that’s about to unfold. Welcome to Emma and Ryan’s wedding day, a celebration that was as down-to-earth as it was absolutely extraordinary.

A Dream Team of Wedding Magic

When it comes to making your wedding dreams a reality, having the right team of vendors is like hitting the jackpot. Amoment Weddings, the masterminds behind the scenes, ensured that every detail was perfectly in place. From the ethereal floral arrangements by The Flower Room to the skillful artistry of Yuki Wang’s hair and makeup, no stone was left unturned.

And speaking of capturing the magic, let’s talk about Nomad Weddings. These photography and videography wizards managed to freeze not only moments in time but the very essence of Emma and Ryan’s love story. From stolen glances to shared laughs, their visual storytelling is an absolute masterpiece.

High-Flying Romance

Hold on to your hats, because this love story comes with an adrenaline-pumping twist. Enter HeliWorks, the modern-day cupid’s chariot. After the heartwarming ceremony at Coromandel Peak, Emma and Ryan took to the skies, landing at the enchanting Lake Lochnagar for a second round of awe-inspiring photos. If ever there was a way to make your wedding day unforgettable, this was it.

Casual, Laid-Back Love

What sets Emma and Ryan’s love story apart is its authenticity. Their wedding day wasn’t just about grand gestures and Instagram-worthy moments (though there were plenty of those!). It was about the simple, candid moments that made everyone feel like they were part of something incredibly special.

The laughter that filled the air, the tearful speeches that touched hearts, and the way Emma and Ryan looked at each other as if the rest of the world simply faded away – these are the moments that make a wedding day truly unforgettable.

The Real Magic

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting hues of gold and pink across the sky, Emma and Ryan shared their first dance as newlyweds. It was a dance that spoke volumes – of love, of dreams realized, and of a future that shines as bright as the stars above.

In a Nutshell

Emma and Ryan’s wedding was a love-filled adventure that celebrated not just their commitment to each other but also the wild spirit that binds them. With Amoment Weddings’ impeccable planning, The Flower Room‘s exquisite blooms, and the artistry of Yuki Wang, every detail was a testament to their unique love story.

So here’s to love that soars to new heights, to couples who embrace the journey, and to Emma and Ryan, whose love story is a reminder that the most magical moments in life are the ones that happen when you’re busy living in the present. And if their wedding day is anything to go by, their journey is going to be one heck of a beautiful ride.

Getting Ready at The Central Private Hotel by Naumi Hotels
Hair and Make up by : Yuki Wang

First Look at The Central Private Hotel by Naumi Hotels

Elopement Wedding Ceremony at Coromandel Peak

Post-wedding photoshoot at Lake Lochnagar