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Hannah & Travis | Coromandel Peak Heli Elopement Wedding

March 27, 2023, marked a day of celebration as Hannah and Travis embarked on a new chapter of their lives. Their journey, ignited by chance and fueled by love, is a testament to the extraordinary connections that can blossom when two souls intertwine in the most unexpected places.

A Bowling Alley Encounter That Sparked Magic

Their story began in the most laid-back setting imaginable – a bowling alley. Introduced through mutual friends, Hannah and Travis’s first meeting was anything but ordinary. As strikes and spares flew around them, a spark ignited between them, setting in motion a chain of events that would shape their futures.

First Date Impressions That Spelled Compatibility

After their initial bowling alley encounter, their first official date left both Hannah and Travis with unforgettable impressions. For Travis, Hannah’s adventurous spirit and wealth of life experiences resonated deeply. Her genuine warmth and vivacity for life mirrored Travis’s own outlook, and a connection unlike any other began to form. Hannah, on the other hand, was captivated by Travis’s kindness and authenticity. His shared love for travel was a striking commonality that forged an instant bond between them.

A Love That Grew Swiftly and Strongly

Their relationship bloomed at an accelerated pace, with every moment spent together revealing the depth of their connection. It was a love that felt natural and unforced, propelling them forward without reservations. Within three months of their first date, Hannah moved in with Travis, a decision that felt instinctive and right for both of them. Their shared commitment to their journey made the progression seem effortless, solidifying their belief in the power of their love.

Falling in Love: A Journey Without a Beginning or End

For Hannah and Travis, the concept of falling in love was less about pinpointing a specific moment and more about realizing that they had been in love all along. Their journey together had been infused with love from the start, creating a tapestry of affection, support, and shared dreams that was woven into the fabric of their relationship.

A Proposal Lit by a Thousand Lights

Travis’s proposal to Hannah was a dreamy experience that unfolded in the enchanting Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in Vancouver, Canada. Amidst the sparkling lights that illuminated the winter landscape, Travis knelt by a serene lake and asked Hannah to spend forever by his side. The moment was a reflection of their shared love for adventure and seizing the magic of each passing moment.

Strengths That Define Their Union

Travis’s unwavering work ethic and commitment to his job have long been admired by Hannah. His dedication to their relationship and his genuine desire for their collective success shine through in his every action. Conversely, Travis finds inspiration in Hannah’s ability to live fully in the present, embracing new experiences and living life on her terms.

A Love That Shapes Their Future

Hannah and Travis’s journey is marked by unwavering love and shared aspirations. As they look ahead, their dreams remain intertwined, their ambitions lifting them higher as they carve out their own path. With the echoes of their laughter and the strength of their love guiding them, they stand poised to embrace each new adventure as partners for life.

In the breathtaking setting of their wedding day, surrounded by nature’s beauty and their loved ones’ joy, Hannah and Travis took the leap into matrimony. Their journey, as unique as the sparks that flew in that bowling alley, serves as a heartwarming reminder that love can be found in the most unexpected places, igniting a flame that burns brighter with each passing day.

Vendor Credits:

Photo: Captured by the talented Josh, who immortalized their cherished moments.
Video: Crafted by Ayaka, capturing their love story in motion.
Celebrant: Officiated by Soph, who sealed their bond with heartfelt words.
Hair & Makeup: Styled by Charm Beauty, enhancing their natural radiance.
Florist: Arrangements by Steph, adorning their day with nature’s beauty.
Helicopters: Provided by Wanaka Heli Squirrel 6 pax, symbolizing their soaring love.

Hannah and Travis’s journey is an inspiration for all who seek a love that is pure, genuine, and full of adventure. From the bowling alley to the mountains and beyond, their story is a testament to the magic of connections that begin in unexpected places and evolve into extraordinary journeys of a lifetime.

Getting ready

First look

Ceremony at Mt. Roy’s Peak

Post wedding shoot at Crown Range