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Jacqueline & Farren | Queenstown Heli elopement

In the breathtaking landscapes of Queenstown, amidst the rugged beauty of nature, Jacqueline and Farren embarked on their journey of love on the 16th of December, 2023. Let’s dive into their remarkable love story and their unforgettable Queenstown elopement adventure.

Meeting in High School:

Their story began in high school, where fate brought Jacqueline and Farren together. Farren, relocating from Victoria to Northern NSW, found himself in Jacqueline’s school for the final two years of their education. Although initially just friends, their connection grew stronger with time.

The Journey of Love:

Their bond deepened over the years, marked by shared experiences, mutual respect, and unwavering support for each other. From their first kiss on Jacqueline’s 18th birthday to officially becoming a couple in Bali during their schoolies trip, their love story unfolded naturally.

The Evolution of Love:

Jacqueline and Farren’s relationship blossomed as they navigated through life’s challenges together. From moving in with Jacqueline’s parents to starting their careers and welcoming their fur babies, their love stood the test of time.

The Proposal:

Farren’s thoughtful proposal amidst the scenic beauty of Wallaman Falls captured the essence of their relationship. With Jacqueline perched on a rock in front of the waterfall, Farren popped the question. This marked a new chapter in their journey.

What They Love About Each Other:

Jacqueline admires Farren’s caring nature and unwavering support, while Farren cherishes Jacqueline’s commitment and ability to bring balance to their relationship.

Their Strengths as a Couple:

Together, Jacqueline and Farren achieved significant milestones, from professional success to building their dream home. Their greatest achievement, however, remains their daughter Lola, who brings boundless joy to their lives.

The Secret to Their Success:

Their ability to find common ground, effective communication, and mutual independence are the pillars of their successful relationship.

Elopement: A Celebration of Love:

For Jacqueline and Farren, marriage is a celebration of their love and commitment. It symbolizes a lifelong journey intertwined with shared dreams, challenges, and endless love.

Their Queenstown Elopement:

Against the stunning backdrop of Queenstown, Jacqueline and Farren exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony. With the Hilton providing luxurious accommodation and Joshua Yates of Nomad Weddings capturing their special moments, every detail was meticulously planned.

The Adventure Begins:

From the exhilarating helicopter ride to Cecil Peak for their ceremony to the picturesque lakeside photoshoot at Kelvin Heights, every moment was filled with love, laughter, and breathtaking views.

A Night to Remember:

As the day concluded, Jacqueline and Farren enjoyed a romantic dinner at Botswanan Butchery, savoring the memories of their magical elopement.


Jacqueline and Farren’s Queenstown elopement was a testament to their enduring love and commitment. Surrounded by nature’s splendor, they embarked on a new chapter of their lives, hand in hand, ready to embrace the adventures that lie ahead.

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