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Krystle and Jeck | Coromandel Peak Elopement Wedding

“Married…with a heli-elopement package up on Roy’s peak. We had the most amazing experience with James, Ayaka and Tomomi. The team was so easy to work with and they knew what we wanted. They really made us feel comfortable and relaxed during the whole time. The photos and video turned out beautiful and we can’t stop looking at them. We would definitely recommend James for wedding/pre-wedding or even casual photoshoot. Thanks James and team for this wonderful experience!…”

– Krystle & Jeck

Hey there, fellow love enthusiasts and adventure seekers! Are you ready to be swept away by a heartwarming tale that beautifully encapsulates the magic of love? Join us as we journey through the captivating love story of Krystle and Jeck, a couple whose path to forever was marked by destiny, shared laughter, and the most stunning elopement wedding in Queenstown.

A Tinder Match that Transcended Lockdowns

Picture this: a world ensnared by Covid lockdowns, where connections were made through digital screens. Amid this unique backdrop, Krystle and Jeck’s story unfolded on Tinder. What started as a simple match quickly turned into a symphony of conversations. As the lockdown lifted, their virtual spark led to a real-life meeting. Krystle, showing her adventurous spirit, invited Jeck for a dinner date at a Thai-Japanese fusion restaurant. This dinner marked the beginning of something truly extraordinary.

Awkward Beginnings to Effortless Chemistry

Their first date began with a touch of awkwardness – a table layout that kept them from facing each other. Yet, as the night progressed and glasses clinked, their inhibitions melted away. With every sip, their personalities emerged, unveiling a shared love for good food and an innate ease with each other. Their second date was planned in an instant – a rendezvous at their beloved sukiyaki spot, where conversation flowed as effortlessly as the broth they savored.

From Distance to Togetherness: An Unplanned Love

Their connection took on a new dimension when Jeck, who lived an hour away, found himself being picked up and dropped off by Krystle. Her mother’s concerns about nightly drives led to a pivotal decision – allowing Jeck to stay over sometimes. What started as a pragmatic solution soon transformed into a deeper bond. Fate played its hand, and Malaysia’s Covid lockdown led to an unintentional cohabitation after only three months of knowing each other.

Driving Through Love and Laughter

The long drives between their homes turned into intimate journeys of discovery. With shared stories and inevitable wrong turns, Krystle and Jeck explored their newfound connection. The mishaps on the road mirrored their own humorous take on life’s challenges, allowing them to bond over their shared sense of direction-challenged adventures.

The Unspoken Language of Love

The realization that they were in love was less about a single moment and more about the countless little things that made their bond stronger. From toasting frozen nuggets in the dead of night to the unspoken support they offered each other, Krystle and Jeck’s love was built on the foundation of shared laughter and sincere care.

The Elopement: A Journey to Forever

Their engagement story is a testament to Jeck’s thoughtful planning and the power of family connections. With Krystle away for work in Dubai, Jeck seized the moment, gathering their loved ones for a surprise engagement. This heartfelt gesture was a prelude to their journey toward an even more profound commitment – their elopement in the breathtaking landscape of Queenstown.

Strength in Unity, Freedom in Love

Krystle and Jeck’s love thrives on their mutual respect for each other’s individuality. They embrace each other’s interests, setting realistic expectations while cherishing moments of togetherness. Their shared walks, exploring new culinary delights, and finding relaxation in each other’s company have become the pillars of their unbreakable bond.

A Lifetime of Adventure Awaits

As they embark on their journey of marriage, Krystle and Jeck look forward to embracing even more incredible adventures. From their first international escapade to Vietnam to their elopement in the picturesque Queenstown, their love story echoes with the promise of a lifetime filled with shared dreams, endless laughter, and a future that knows no limits.

A Note to All Couples

For those planning their own love story, remember that it’s not just about the grand moments, but the everyday ones that truly define a relationship. Love, like life, is an adventure that’s meant to be embraced wholeheartedly. As you step into the realm of planning your wedding, consider the significance of every choice you make – from your venue at Coromandel Peak to the floral arrangements by Orange Blossom Designs. Each element comes together to weave a tale uniquely yours.

So, dear couples, as you stand on the threshold of your own journey, may Krystle and Jeck’s story inspire you to create a love story that’s as authentic as it is extraordinary. Let your journey be marked by laughter, love, and the promise of a lifetime filled with shared adventures. And when the time comes to capture those cherished moments, remember that Nomad Weddings isn’t just a Photo Video Planning service – we’re storytellers, ready to encapsulate your love in the most captivating frames.

Here’s to love, laughter, and a future filled with endless, joyous adventures. Cheers!

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