A Queenstown Wedding Photographer captures a bride and groom kissing on top of a snow covered mountain.
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Linlin & Jono’s Queenstown NZ, Stoneridge Estate & Remarkables Wedding Photography

When you find love in the most unexpected place, it sparks an unforgettable journey. That’s the story of Jono and Linlin, whose fateful meeting at Otago University, Dunedin, blossomed into an eternal bond. Fast forward eight years, and the enamored couple decided to tie the knot. And where better to celebrate their love than the place they got engaged – Queenstown, New Zealand. As their dedicated wedding photographer, we’re here to share their beautiful love story.

Our couple began their adventure at Otago University. As an RA and tutor, they found love in the university corridors, and their story took off from there. From evening strolls to unforgettable vacations, their relationship stood the test of time and distance, leading them to us, their chosen Queenstown New Zealand Wedding Photographer.

The proposal? Absolutely dreamy! On a crisp August morning in 2020, along the shores of Lake Wakatipu, against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, Jono went down on one knee. And as the morning sun washed over them, Linlin said, “Yes.” As their wedding photographer, capturing their bond in the breathtaking setting of Queenstown, New Zealand, was a joy.

Why Queenstown for their wedding? Well, besides it being their engagement location, the allure of Queenstown’s unrivaled natural beauty is irresistible, especially to those in love. This scenic landscape served as the perfect canvas for us, their Queenstown New Zealand Wedding Photographer, to document their big day.

And what was the couple looking forward to the most? Capturing beautiful memories through our lenses. The anticipation of this day was high, especially since neither Jono nor Linlin had experienced a professional photo shoot before. Their excitement was palpable and contagious, reminding us once again why we love our job as a Queenstown New Zealand Wedding Photographer.

Their magical day unfolded amidst the snow-capped peaks and colourful local flora at Stoneridge Estate, a premier Queenstown wedding venue. The trusted team of Catherine Fyfe officiated the ceremony, Charm Beauty enhanced the couple’s natural radiance, and The Flower Room provided gorgeous floral arrangements. The reception at Rata Restaurant was a gastronomic delight and HeliWorks provided a unique helicopter experience, ensuring every moment was beautifully captured by us – their dedicated Queenstown New Zealand Wedding Photographer.

In our line of work as a Queenstown New Zealand Wedding Photographer, we come across many love stories, but Jono and Linlin’s is one we’ll remember. Their journey is a testament to love enduring through time and distance, a reminder of the power of love and the beauty it brings to life – a beauty we strive to capture in every shot.

From the unforgettable Queenstown proposal to the picturesque wedding, their love story is woven into the heart of Queenstown, captured through our lens. As their Queenstown New Zealand Wedding Photographer, we wish Jono and Linlin a lifetime of happiness, and we’re thrilled to have been part of their magical journey.

Getting Ready at Stoneridge Estate and

Hair and Make up by : Charm Beauty

Celebrant Catherine Fyfe officiated at the ceremony at

Stoneridge Estate.

Reception at Rata Restaurant Queenstown

Lake Side Photos at Moke Lake

Moke Lake Photos

Photo Session at Remarkables Double Cone