Lora & Jason’s Queenstown Pacific Jemm Yacht Wedding


A Love Story Unfolding: Lora and Jason

On a sunny day, the 29th of April 2023, Lora and Jason celebrated their love in a fairy-tale wedding at the Castle Cliff Lodge, Queenstown. Their journey began back in their university days, at a music festival called StereoSonic in Sydney. They danced together, shared laughter and conversations, and that’s where their beautiful story began.

Fast forward to their first date, Lora found Jason excited, nervous, and very talkative. He made her feel very comfortable and his charm was hard to resist. Jason, on the other hand, found Lora quite interesting and beautiful, like a Chinese rose. As their love story progressed, they realised they shared a vision of their lives and enjoyed each other’s company no matter what they were doing.

The proposal was no less magical than their love story. Jason chose their favourite escape room and used their dog Frankie as the ring bearer, surprising Lora in the most unexpected way.

Their admiration and respect for each other is profoundly evident. Jason admires Lora’s intelligence and the way she always finds answers when he is confused. For Lora, Jason’s practical approach to everything he does and his situational and emotional awareness stands out the most. Their love is deepened by their shared enjoyment of simple pleasures like walking their dog Frankie and their mutual love for food.

Jason loves Lora’s dedication and her ability to always see the funny side of life, whereas Lora adores Jason’s caring nature, his patience and his ability to bring joy and laughter into their lives. Their relationship thrives on understanding, honesty, shared goals and mutual respect. They support each other, challenge each other and most importantly, they grow together.

The secret to their successful relationship is their ability to tackle and accomplish big problems together. Jason is the planner while Lora focuses on finer details, a perfect blend that helps them achieve their goals. Their dream is to travel to the ‘Stan’ countries in Central Asia, exploring the ancient silk road and creating more shared memories.

Choosing to get married for them was about laying the foundation to build their own family and to express their life-long commitment to each other. They find joy in each other’s company, a joy that is magnified by their shared dreams and goals.

One funny story that stands out from their past involves New Year’s Eve. Jason had gone back to Lora’s home after a party and slept in. His family, unaware of Lora at the time, thought he had disappeared when they couldn’t reach him. It resulted in a missing person report, numerous calls to friends and hospitals, only to find out later that Jason was simply asleep!

Their wedding day was a beautiful affair, thanks to the team of professionals they had chosen. Celebrant Philippa Thomas led the ceremony, Ikuko Miyata took care of hair & makeup, Orange Blossom Designs arranged the flowers, and HeliWorks Queenstown provided the helicopters. The reception was held at the magnificent Pacific Jemm Yacht.

Lora and Jason’s love story is a tale of mutual respect, shared dreams, endless support and a lot of laughter. As they embark on this new chapter of their lives, their story is a testament to the beautiful journey that love can be.

Weddings Vendors on this project:

Wedding Planning, Photography & Video: James, Ayaka and Tomomi from Nomad Weddings

Celebrant: Philippa Thomas

Hair & Makeup: Ikuko Miyata

Florist: Orange Blossom Designs

Helicopters: HeliWorks Queenstown

Venue: Castle Cliff Lodge

Reception Venue: Pacific Jemm by Eichardts

Wedding Photos at Coromandel Peak via Helicopter

Wedding Photos at Earnslaw Burn & Jura Glacier

Wedding Photos at Lake Erskine

Getting ready with Ikuko Miyata Wedding Hair & Makeup Artist

Ceremony at Castle Cliff Lodge AirBnB

Wedding Reception on the Pacific Jemm Yacht