Queenstown Elopement Heli Wedding Photographer クイーンズタウン結婚式 | A couple's Pre-wedding photoshoot by a lake in New Zealand.
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Megan & Jason | Queenstown Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Megan and Jason’s love story is one for the books—a tale of serendipity and undeniable connection. They met through mutual friends at a local coffee shop, where sparks flew instantly. Jason’s easygoing charm complemented Megan’s bubbly personality, creating a perfect harmony from the start.

The Journey to “I Do”

Their relationship blossomed over shared adventures and quiet moments alike. From hiking picturesque trails to cozy nights in, Megan and Jason discovered a deep bond that only grew stronger with time. Their shared values and mutual respect laid the foundation for a love built to last.

The Decision to Elope

When it came time to tie the knot, Megan and Jason knew they wanted something intimate and meaningful. They opted for an elopement, choosing to focus on their love and commitment without the distractions of a traditional wedding. For them, it was about savoring the moment and creating memories that would last a lifetime.

Pre-Wedding Preparations

On the morning of November 12, 2023, excitement filled the air as Megan and Jason prepared for their special day. With the talented Ikuko Miyata handling hair and makeup, Megan radiated beauty and grace. Meanwhile, Jason couldn’t contain his anticipation as he awaited the arrival of photographer Josh from Nomad Weddings.

Capturing Memories: The Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

As the clock struck 1:30 pm, Megan and Jason set off for their pre-wedding photoshoot. They went on an adventure that would capture the essence of their love. With picturesque Moke Lake as their first stop, they basked in the beauty of nature. Their laughter echoing across the serene landscape.

Transitioning seamlessly to Wilson Bay, they shared tender moments against the backdrop of crystal-clear waters and towering mountains. Every click of the camera immortalized their love, preserving it for generations to come.

A Surreal Experience: Remarkables and Beyond

With adrenaline coursing through their veins, Megan and Jason embarked on the next leg of their journey. A thrilling ride on the Squirrel 4 pax lift took them to new heights, where the Coronet Peak awaited, offering panoramic views that took their breath away.

As they stood hand in hand, overlooking the vast expanse below, they felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for each other and the journey that had led them to this moment. With the sun dipping below the horizon, they savored the last moments of their photoshoot before descending back to solid ground.

A Perfect Ending

As the day drew to a close, Megan and Jason were filled with a sense of contentment unlike any other. Their hearts full and their spirits soaring, they made their way back to their accommodation, where their love story had begun. With the promise of forever etched in their hearts, they embraced the future that awaited them as spouses.

In Conclusion

Megan and Jason’s elopement was more than just a wedding—it was a celebration of love, adventure, and the extraordinary bond they shared. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery and supported by a team of talented vendors, they embarked on a journey they would cherish for a lifetime. And as they look back on their special day, they’ll forever be grateful for the moments captured during their unforgettable pre-wedding photoshoot.

Getting Ready

Moke Lake

Wilson Bay

Coronet Peak

Shotover Valley