“Obviously you want your wedding to be memorable but also enjoyable with a side of an experience.

James and his team blew us away with how smooth everything went, the photos and videos were amazing and told us the exact date that the weather would be perfect which it was.

My Wife and I are not traditional with weddings and James and his crew made our elopement align with our interests.

Thank you team and the Wife thanks you for the extra snacks on the day ;)”

Mick & Gemma

Welcome, wanderers and wedding enthusiasts, as we take you on an exhilarating journey through the love story of Mick and Gemma. This down-to-earth couple decided to embark on a breathtaking elopement adventure, capturing the essence of their love amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of New Zealand. Join us as we dive into the story of their love, the highlights of their wedding day, and the magic they created in the company of nature’s grandeur.

Mick and Gemma’s paths crossed in an extraordinary way, transcending borders and distances. Fate brought them together in a tale that began with two hearts connected through modern technology. With their eyes locked on each other’s online profiles, sparks ignited across oceans, and love knew no boundaries.

On the 19th of April 2023, Mick and Gemma vowed to love and cherish each other forever, but their love story wasn’t one for the conventional aisle. They embraced the beauty of an elopement, where it was just them and the breathtaking world around them. Their decision to elope allowed them to immerse themselves completely in the magic of the moment, free from distractions and obligations.

Their wedding day was a symphony of natural wonders and genuine happiness. Nomad Weddings played a pivotal role in capturing the essence of every moment, making sure that Mick and Gemma’s love story would be forever etched in timeless frames and cherished through the years.

At Lake Erskine, love mirrored the serenity of the waters, and vows were exchanged with hearts filled with anticipation and excitement. Sharyn Payne, the warm and personable celebrant, ensured that the ceremony resonated with love and authenticity.

Charm Beauty added a touch of elegance to Gemma’s natural beauty, while Orange Blossom Designs adorned the surroundings with captivating floral arrangements that effortlessly blended with nature’s magnificence.

Then, the sky beckoned with its outstretched arms, as HeliWorks took the couple on a breathtaking adventure above Earnslaw Burn, Tutoko Glacier, and the iconic Mitre Peak in Milford Sound. Amongst the clouds, Mick and Gemma shared laughter, kisses, and heartfelt promises, creating unforgettable memories amidst nature’s grand spectacle.

Accommodation was far from conventional; they chose an AirBnB, where comfort and warmth awaited them after a day filled with wonder. Surrounded by the beauty of the outdoors, their accommodation offered a sanctuary to reflect on the profound moments they had shared.

Their elopement wedding was not just beautiful; it was an embodiment of pure joy. With every photo, the happiness radiated from Mick and Gemma, leaving no doubt that they had found their home in each other’s hearts. Their smiles spoke volumes, telling a tale of love that had conquered all and would thrive in the years to come.

Mick and Gemma’s elopement wedding was a testament to the power of love and the magic of embracing nature’s splendor. With a simple yet profound celebration, they embarked on a journey together, creating a bond that would stand the test of time. Their laid-back and adventurous spirit reflected the core of their love, capturing the hearts of all who witnessed their union.

As we bid adieu to this enchanting love story, we wish Mick and Gemma endless adventures, shared laughter, and a lifetime of happiness, as they continue to explore the world hand in hand.

Preparing at their Airbnb, Charm Beauty is handling their hair and makeup.

Wedding Ceremony at Lake Erskine

Post-Wedding Photos at Mitre Peak-Milfoard Sound