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Ren & Ewa | Cecil Peak Heli Elopement Wedding

Nestled in the heart of their shared passion for architecture, Ren and Ewa’s love story is a captivating tale that began in the picturesque city of Copenhagen. With a fusion of youthful exuberance and serendipitous encounters, their journey to the altar was nothing short of a modern-day fairytale.

A Delightful Copenhagen Connection

The story of Ren and Ewa took root in the bustling halls of a Copenhagen architecture office, where both found themselves interning. Their initial meeting was marked by a touch of playful banter, as Ren humorously mused about how life would be different if the IT team had showered him with the same attention as they did for the captivating Ewa. Meanwhile, Ewa’s memory of that moment is etched with the laughter that ensued when she playfully interrupted Ren’s conversation with her infectious chuckle.

Through shared lunches, coffee breaks, and impromptu gatherings, their friendship blossomed amidst a diverse group of friends who often congregated after hours for cozy movie nights and budget-friendly dinners. Their bond only deepened during Easter, when they found themselves among the few left behind in the city. The nights spent together watching movies and sharing meals blurred the line between friendship and something more profound.

A Seamless Transition from Friends to Lovers

Though their transition from friends to lovers lacked the dramatic flair of a traditional first date, Ren and Ewa’s journey was peppered with countless moments that fused their hearts together. Their connection intensified as they navigated the challenges of a long-distance relationship between Warsaw and London. Skype sessions turned into virtual co-working spaces, where their shared commitment to supporting each other’s pursuits solidified their unbreakable bond.

Endearing Quirks and Pivotal Moments

The love between Ren and Ewa is a tapestry woven with shared smiles, endearing quirks, and pivotal moments. A heartwarming memory involves Ewa’s bike accident, where Ren’s unwavering care during a late-night hospital visit became a testament to his compassion. As he distracted her with stories of his own scars, Ewa knew in her heart that this was the person she wanted to spend her life with.

A Proposal Beyond the Ordinary

Ren’s proposal to Ewa was a masterpiece of affectionate surprises. After living through a challenging year in the midst of a pandemic, he crafted an engagement ring with a unique black diamond, symbolizing their distinct love story. On a staycation weekend in Shanghai, Ren’s early morning excitement led to a moment that was endearingly spontaneous. With a bouquet of flowers, the engagement ring was tucked among the stems, and the words “will you marry me” painted on their bed.

Their staycation unfurled as a series of enchanting moments: strolls through Shanghai’s historic districts, pampering massages, poolside reveries, and a chauffeured ride to a riverside light show. Every detail was a reflection of their shared journey and the love that had grown so naturally between them.

A Journey to Forever

Ren and Ewa’s love story is one that reflects the beauty of finding a soulmate in the midst of everyday life. Their journey from friends to lovers, propelled by shared interests and unwavering support, culminated in a proposal that embraced their individuality and the path they had walked together. As they embarked on their journey to forever, their wedding day was a celebration of love that had been nurtured through countless moments of laughter, companionship, and shared dreams.

Vendor Credits:

Celebrant: To be cherished in memories.
Hair & Makeup: Ikuko Miyata, who added grace to their special day.
Flowers: Orange Blossoms, blooming like their love story.
Helicopters: Over the Top Helicopters, lifting their love to new heights.
Ceremony Venue: Cecil Peak, witness to the start of their forever.
Reception Venue: Lake Side, where their love flowed as freely as the waters.

As Ren and Ewa continue their journey as a married couple, their story serves as a testament to the magic of love that evolves from friendship, shared moments, and unbreakable bonds. With a love as extraordinary as their journey, their story is an inspiration for anyone seeking a partner with whom to create a life filled with laughter, adventure, and shared dreams.

Getting ready at Stoneridge Estate

Hair and Make up by Ikuko Miyata

First look

Ceremony at Cecil Peak

Post wedding photoshoot at Kelvin Heights