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Sharda & Andy | Lake Erskine Heli Elopement Wedding

“What an incredible experience, a dream made reality by the Nomad team. They dealt with having the wedding a day early due to weather conditions without even the smallest hitch. The lead up to the wedding and the day were all stress free for us because they took care of everything so well. James was easy to work with and responsive to our requests. We’re so grateful to the team for helping us make such magical memories.”

– Client Testimonial: Andy & Sharda

In a world racing by, Sharda and Andy’s Lake Erskine heli wedding stands as a proof to moments that are cherished forever. On April 4, 2023, surrounded by nature’s embrace, they went on a new chapter under the vast sky.

A Blossoming Connection

Their organic connection, nurtured by shared experiences and mutual understanding, paints a picture of enduring and passionate love. Sharda and Andy’s journey unfolded like a tender bud, growing and flourishing through admiration for each other’s individuality.

Dawn of Promise

As the sun stretched golden fingers over the horizon, Param’s skilled hands transformed Sharda into a radiant bride. Nomad Weddings seamlessly captured raw emotions, unfiltered laughter, and stolen glances, telling tales of a love that needed no words.

Soaring to New Heights

At 9:25 AM, HeliWorks led them on an aerial adventure, overlooking Lake Erskine, Earnslaw Burn, and Mt. Roy. A love unbounded by limits unfolded against the backdrop of nature’s grandeur.

Details Woven with Love

Every detail reflected their journey, from Orange Blossom Designs‘ delicate blooms to officiant Andy Bell, sharing a name with one of the united souls. The day’s chronology became a love poem’s verses, seamlessly flowing from pre-dawn to the momentous return at 2 PM.

Ceremony Amidst Grandeur

In the heart of Lake Erskine, Sharda and Andy marked their commitment in a ceremony echoing ancient wisdom and heartfelt vows. Their love, a tapestry of shared dreams, stood as a proof to unity emerging from celebrating uniqueness.

A Symbol of Boundless Love

As the sun set, Sharda and Andy’s journey became a symbol of love’s boundless possibilities. Beyond flowers and photos, it showcased the intricate dance of two intertwined souls, promising a lifetime etched in glances and touches.

A Reminder for Love Seekers

To couples planning their special day, Sharda and Andy’s Lake Erskine heli elopement offers a reminder: amidst wedding chaos lies a deeper story. It’s about love’s transformative power, the magic of commitment, and the breathtaking beauty of sharing a life.

Embrace your unique love story. Your wedding day is the canvas for shared adventures, echoing through the years to come.

Getting Ready at Airbnb with Hair and Makeup by Param

Wedding Ceremony at Lake Erskine

Post Wedding Shoot at Earnslaw burn and Coromandel Peak