Queenstown Tekapo New Zealand Heli Wedding Elopement Pre-Wedding Shoot Photographer クイーンズタウン テカポ ニュージーランド エロープメント 前撮り フォトウェディング 結婚式 | A couple in wedding attire standing next to a helicopter on a mountain in Queenstown with scenic views in the background, celebrating their elopement.
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Sophie & Thomas | Queenstown Bathhouse Wedding

Elopement backstory: The Meet-Cute at a 21st Birthday Bash

Sophie and Thomas’s love story that lead to a Queenstown elopement began at a friend’s 21st birthday in 2013. Sophie, taking the lead, engaged in some friendly peacocking, catching Thomas’s attention. Their connection was undeniable, culminating in cheers from friends as they shared their first kiss that night.

First Impressions and the Quiet Kindness

On their first date, Sophie found Thomas a bit reserved but undeniably genuine, feeling like he could see into her soul. Thomas, on the other hand, was struck by Sophie’s beauty and dry yet funny sense of humor.

From Casual Conversations to Something Serious

Their relationship took a serious turn almost immediately. Despite the two-hour distance between them, daily conversations flowed naturally. No games were played, and two weeks after their initial meeting, they planned their first date, marking the beginning of a seamless and fun wedding journey.

The Unspoken Shift to Love

A few months into dating, Sophie and Thomas felt a subtle but profound shift. Their differences complemented each other, and over a decade, their love deepened continuously, without a specific ‘aha’ moment.

A Christmas Eve Proposal by the Thomson River

Thomas chose a meaningful spot on the Thomson River, near Walhalla, for the proposal. The nerves and Christmas Eve atmosphere added a touch of magic, turning Thomas’s planned speech into a heartfelt, “Bebs, will you marry me?” Sophie’s joyous “YES OF COURSE” echoed by the river sealed their engagement that set the course to their beautiful elopement wedding.

Mutual Admiration and Unconditional Love

Sophie admires Thomas’s genuine nature, positivity, and unwavering support. Tom sees Sophie as his best friend, grounding force, and the one who introduced him to the endless possibilities life offers.

Achievements, Strength, and a 6-Year-Old Kelpie

Their journey includes quitting jobs to travel Europe for five months, a testament to their resilience. Separation during the pandemic strengthened their communication. Their fur baby, Gidget, a 6-year-old Kelpie, adds joy to their lives.

Navigating the Unknown Together

With an exciting future ahead, Sophie and Thomas look forward to more travels and, perhaps, expanding their family. Their bond, tested by challenges, remains unbreakable.

The Bathhouse Wedding: Vendors Who Added Magic

An Elopement in Queenstown

Sophie and Thomas chose marriage as an official commitment—a celebration of their unique journey, shared with the closest supporters. For them, marriage solidifies their bond and signifies a dedicated time for each other.

From Athens to Queenstown: A Special Elopement Moment in 2019

Among their countless adventures, the start of their five-month European journey in Athens holds a special place. The culmination of planning, working, and saving left them proud and excited for the grand adventure ahead.

In capturing their Queenstown elopement, Nomad Weddings immortalized a love story that began with a kiss at a 21st birthday—a love that grew through shared travels, quiet moments, and a proposal by the Thomson River. Sophie and Thomas embark on the next chapter of their lives, hand in hand, ready to face the unknown together.

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