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A bride and groom standing under a starry sky.

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Not faked in Photoshop

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Weather Dependent

Requires clear skies

queenstown new zealand wedding photographer

Moon Phase Dependent

Not possible with Half-Moon or Full-Moon

queenstown new zealand wedding photographer

Location Dependent

Away from Light Pollution

queenstown new zealand wedding photographer

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2023 Night Shoot Policy Update

For all new bookings, Night Shoots will only be available during the winter months between June~September.

Additional wait time past the first 60mins, will be charged at NZ$150 per 15min block, if clouds persist.

queenstown aurora wedding photographer

Starry Night Photoshoot fee charged after a successful shoot.

The photoshoot will not happen if the weather is cloudy.

Not available as a standalone option.


1 Hr Photoshoot, 2.5 hours after sunset.

Milkyway Night Shots are very exclusive.

3 things must align, for the perfect shot to happen.





Moon Phase

Light Polution

Last but not least, if it is cloudy we won't be able to see any stars.

The Moon creates huge light pollution too, so this photoshoot can only happen either before or after the moon has set, or on a night with a New Moon (about 3 days per month).

In Big cities with many street lights, cars and brightly lit buildings, it is impossible to take photos with the stars. We are very lucky to have our bases in Queenstown and Tekapo, which are dark enough at night to get magnificent views like this.

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