Queenstown New Zealand Elopement Wedding Photographer - Alex and Shahar, the bride and groom, standing in front of a river in New Zealand while stargazing.
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Alex & Shahar | Stargazing Date to Queenstown Elopement


Alex and Shahar embarked on a journey that led them from trampoline stargazing to an amazing Queenstown wedding. Let’s dive into the love story of this dynamic couple and the unforgettable moments that unfolded on their special day, featuring the talents of Charm Beauty, Orange Blossom Designs, and Nomad Weddings.

The Beginnings: Trampolines, Stars, and Frozen Soundtracks

Their story started as neighbors, watching their children play together. Casual exchanges about parenting trials evolved into a deep connection. Alex was charmed by Shahar’s knowledge of the Frozen movie soundtrack, setting the stage for a relationship built on shared laughter and a unique trampoline date under the stars.

The First Date: Trampoline Talks and Mosquito Bites

Their first date was a memorable trampoline experience, lying under the stars. Amidst mosquito bites, Shahar made Alex laugh until tears streamed down her face. It was a night that left them both feeling like winners, a feeling that lingered for years to come.

The Turning Point: A Covid Bubble and a Shared Future

Navigating the challenges of COVID, they faced a pivotal decision: create their own isolation bubble or share one. Opting for the latter meant spending most of their time together, a significant step up from occasional dates. Alex knew it was getting serious when she found herself changing her future plans to include Shahar.

The Proposal: Queenstown, Sunsets, and Cold Champagne

Shahar’s birthday became the canvas for Alex’s proposal masterpiece. Unable to travel overseas, they celebrated in Queenstown. After a misadventure on the Shotover Jet, the magical moment unfolded in a sunset spa at the Onsen pools. With snowy peaks as witnesses, Alex asked Shahar to marry her, tears and all. The answer was a resounding “yes,” setting the stage for a joyous return to share the news with their children.

What They Love About Each Other: A Perfect Blend

Alex admires Shahar’s resilience and adventurous spirit. Shahar, in turn, appreciates Alex’s intellect, beauty, and ability to make him laugh. Their shared hobbies, from gardening to gaming, reflect the seamless blend of their lives. In their own words, they express their deep affection and the unique qualities that make their relationship special.

The Secret to Success: Respect, Communication, and Positivity

For Alex and Shahar, good communication is crucial, especially with the added complexity of a language barrier. Alex focuses on the positive aspects of Shahar, maintaining a daily reflection on their shared journey. Shahar emphasizes the importance of respect, recognizing it as the foundation for honesty and effective communication.

Bringing Out the Best: Courage, Support, and Growth

Shahar’s unwavering support gives Alex the courage to dream big, while Shahar benefits from Alex’s ability to identify and address his concerns. They inspire each other to be better versions of themselves, fostering personal and collective growth.

Their Achievements and Strength as a Couple: Navigating Blended Family Life

Raising a blended family is their greatest achievement, demonstrating resilience in the face of complex custody schedules and diverse parental influences. Their strength lies in their enjoyment of each other’s company, a bond that sustains them through the challenges of parenting.

Future Plans: Life’s Adventures Together

Looking ahead, they envision a future filled with small joys and shared experiences. From watching trees grow in their garden to potentially living elsewhere and traveling more, Alex and Shahar are eager to continue their journey together.

The Meaning of Marriage: Celebrating Commitment and Life

Marriage, for Alex, is an official recognition of the commitment already made to Shahar. It symbolizes respect and honor for their shared life. Shahar, an old-fashioned romantic, embraces marriage for the happiness it brings Alex. Their decision to marry was prompted by a realization of life’s brevity after an unexpected loss in the family.

Funny Stories and Special Moments: Navigating Israeli Highways

A comical tale unfolds as Alex takes the wheel in Israel, attempting to navigate the intricacies of right-hand driving in a left-hand drive country. The chaos, panic, and trust-building experience on the highway became a testament to their ability to find humor in life’s adventures.

Conclusion: A Love Story Set in Queenstown

Alex and Shahar’s love story is a tapestry woven with laughter, challenges, and shared dreams. As they embark on their journey as a married couple, Queenstown stands witness to the promises made in the shadow of its majestic mountains. May their love story continue to unfold with joy, laughter, and countless adventures in the years to come.

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