Amy and Eden share an enchanting kiss during their Lake Erskine heli elopement wedding.
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Amy & Eden | Enchanting Lake Erskine Heli Elopement Wedding

Nestled in the heart of Queenstown’s captivating landscapes, a love story unfolded that was as unique as the mountains that embraced it. As your dedicated Queenstown Wedding Planner, we had the honor of orchestrating Amy and Eden’s dream wedding on a picturesque February 24, 2022. Join us as we delve into their story, capturing the essence of their connection against the stunning backdrop of Lake Erskine and Rees Valley Station. This is a celebration of love, heritage, and the magic of shared dreams.

A Melodic Beginning: Amy and Eden’s Love Story

Amy and Eden’s journey began like a beautiful melody, filled with notes of laughter, shared stories, and a connection that resonated deep within their hearts. From their first meeting to the laughter-filled moments they shared, their story is a testament to the idea that love can find its way into our lives in the most unexpected yet wonderful ways.

Whispers of Forever: A Proposal in the Making

Eden’s proposal to Amy was a breathtaking moment that mirrored the natural beauty that surrounded them. In the heart of Queenstown’s landscapes, Eden knelt down on one knee, a ring in hand, and asked Amy to be his forever. The mountains bore witness to their love, standing tall and unwavering, just like the commitment they were making to each other.

A Symphony of Details: Orchestrating Their Dream Wedding

As their dedicated Queenstown Wedding Planner, we embraced every detail that made Amy and Eden’s love story unique. From the captivating blooms by Orange Blossom Designs to the talented hands of Charm Beauty, every detail was chosen to enhance their natural beauty and create an atmosphere that reflected their love.

A Journey to the Skies: Love Takes Flight

Amy and Eden’s love took flight in a literal sense as they soared above Queenstown’s breathtaking landscapes in a helicopter from HeliWorks Queenstown. The world below faded away as they rose higher and higher, symbolizing the heights their love had reached. Just as they embraced the adventure of flight, their love was an adventure they embarked on hand in hand.

Honoring Heritage: A Kagamibiraki Ceremony

A significant detail that added a touch of cultural richness to their day was Amy’s Japanese heritage. To honor this, a Sake Barrel was brought to the mountain top in the helicopter. The “kagamibiraki” ceremony, where the sake barrel is cracked open, became a symbol of new beginnings and a celebration of heritage. It’s a testament to how love transcends cultures and brings diverse traditions together.

Capturing the Essence of Love: Lake Erskine and Rees Valley Station

Lake Erskine and Rees Valley Station served as the picturesque canvases on which Amy and Eden painted their love story. Against the backdrop of tranquil waters and expansive landscapes, they exchanged vows and celebrated a love that had brought them to this magical moment. Each photograph captured their essence, their connection, and the significance of their journey.

A Message of Love: Amy and Eden’s Wedding Journey

As you plan your own wedding adventure, let Amy and Eden’s story inspire you to embrace the uniqueness of your journey. Just as they celebrated their love amidst Queenstown’s beauty, your journey too will be a symphony of moments, laughter, and dreams. Our role as your Queenstown Wedding Planner is to orchestrate a day that reflects your love story – capturing the essence of your connection and the magic of shared dreams.

Getting Ready with Hair and Make up by Charm Beauty

Couple’s First look

Ceremony at Lake Erskine