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Kelly & Anthony – Stoneridge Estate Wedding

Queenstown New Zealand Stoneridge Estate Elopement Wedding Photographer Lake Wakatipu

On November 10th, 2022, love blossomed in the picturesque landscapes of Queenstown, New Zealand, as Kelly and Anthony exchanged their vows in an enchanting lakeside ceremony. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Wakatipu, the couple’s special day was nothing short of a fairytale. Join us as we delve into the magical moments of their unforgettable celebration, held at the captivating Stoneridge Estate, where nature’s beauty and love’s embrace intertwined to create memories that will last a lifetime.

The choice of venue is one of the key factors that can transform a wedding into an extraordinary affair. Kelly and Anthony’s selection of Stoneridge Estate proved to be nothing short of perfect. Nestled amidst the majestic mountains and overlooking the pristine Lake Wakatipu, this charming estate provided an idyllic setting for the couple’s nuptials. The manicured gardens, vintage architecture, and warm ambiance added a touch of romance to every moment.

The Flower Room, renowned for its creative floral designs, was entrusted with the task of bringing the couple’s vision to life. The florist adorned the venue with enchanting arrangements that complemented the surrounding natural beauty. Soft pastel blooms intertwined with lush greenery adorned the aisle, while the ceremonial arch was adorned with delicate flowers, creating a dreamy atmosphere that mirrored the couple’s love.

As the sun dipped behind the mountains, casting a golden glow over Lake Wakatipu, Kelly and Anthony exchanged heartfelt vows against the breathtaking lakeside backdrop. The crystal-clear waters mirrored their love, symbolizing the depth and clarity of their commitment to each other. The serenity of the lake enhanced the intimacy of the ceremony, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all in attendance.

The ceremony was beautifully orchestrated by the charismatic celebrant, Glennys Logan. With her warm and engaging demeanor, Glennys added a touch of personalization to the proceedings, sharing anecdotes from Kelly and Anthony’s journey and imparting wisdom for a blissful married life. The heartfelt exchange of vows and rings left not a dry eye in the audience, as the love between the couple radiated throughout the gathering.

Stoneridge Estate not only served as the wedding venue but also played a crucial role in meticulously planning and executing the event. With an experienced team of wedding specialists, the estate ensured that every detail was flawlessly arranged, from the grand entrance to the farewell. The seamless coordination allowed the couple and their loved ones to fully immerse themselves in the celebration and cherish each moment.

Kelly and Anthony’s wedding at Stoneridge Estate, nestled in the enchanting beauty of Queenstown, New Zealand, truly embodied the essence of love and togetherness. The picturesque setting of Lake Wakatipu, complemented by the artistic floral designs from The Flower Room, added an extra layer of enchantment to their special day. With the blessings of celebrant Glennys Logan and the meticulous planning by Stoneridge Estate, the wedding was an unforgettable celebration of love, joy, and new beginnings. As the sun set on November 10th, 2022, the hearts of everyone present overflowed with happiness, knowing that they had been a part of something truly magical.


Enchanting Elopement Wedding at Stoneridge Estate with Celebrant Glennys Logan: A Perfect Escape to Queenstown, New Zealand