Queenstown New Zealand Elopement Wedding Photographer - A beautiful Islamic wedding of Wasim and Yumn, held in Queenstown, featuring a stunning photo of the couple standing on a cliff overlooking Lake Wanaka.
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Wasim and Yumn | Queenstown Islamic Wedding

Nestled in the heart of Queenstown’s enchanting landscapes, where the Southern Alps kissed the pristine waters of Lake Wakatipu, Wasim and Yumn embarked on a breathtaking journey of love and commitment. On the 7th of August 2021, their love story unfolded across two beautiful days, each weaving a tale of tradition, individuality, and heartfelt connection.

Day 1: A Union Blessed by Faith

As the sun dipped behind the snow-capped mountains, an AirBnB perched on Goldfield Heights became the canvas for the first chapter of Wasim and Yumn’s love story. The scent of tradition and devotion hung in the air as they celebrated their Islamic wedding. The local Queenstown Mosque’s Imam presided over the ceremony, invoking blessings upon the couple.

Their love was a testament to the beauty of unity, and the intimate setting allowed their love to shine in its purest form. The mountain breeze whispered secrets of their journey, and the golden glow of the setting sun painted a backdrop as timeless as their love.

Day 2: A Western Fairytale

Day two brought forth a celebration of love and individuality as unique as the couple themselves. Under the gentle guidance of Celebrant Cathrine Fyfe, Wasim and Yumn exchanged vows at the picturesque Stoneridge Estate. Surrounded by lush vineyards and a rustic ambiance, the ceremony resonated with the promise of forever.

Their love story was captured amidst the ethereal beauty of Deer Park Heights, where each photograph framed their smiles and the promise of tomorrow. Charm Beauty ensured Yumn’s radiance, and The Flower Room’s blooms added a touch of nature’s beauty to the day.

As we delve deeper into this love story, it becomes clear that Wasim and Yumn’s wedding was more than a mere union of two souls; it was a celebration of love’s profound beauty, commitment’s enduring strength, and the uniqueness of every relationship.

This Queenstown wedding, like a symphony of hearts, perfectly harmonized the sacredness of tradition with the modernity of personal expression. It beckons to every couple planning their wedding, whispering that your special day can be a reflection of your love’s unique melody.

Behind the Scenes: The Vendors Who Made It Possible

A wedding is not only about the couple but also the talented hands and hearts that come together to make it memorable. Wasim and Yumn’s day was graced by remarkable vendors:

  • Charm Beauty: With their magical touch, they transformed Yumn into a vision of beauty on both days.
  • Imam from the local Queenstown Mosque: His blessings and guidance added a spiritual dimension to their union.
  • Cathrine Fyfe: As the Celebrant, she created a heartfelt ceremony that mirrored the couple’s love.
  • Stoneridge Estate: The venue itself was a masterpiece that framed their love.
  • Deer Park Heights: Nature’s backdrop for their love story.
  • The Flower Room: Their vibrant blooms added a touch of romance to the day.

In closing, Wasim and Yumn’s Queenstown wedding was more than a celebration; it was an ode to love, tradition, and the beauty of personal expression. Their journey reminds us that love knows no bounds and that every wedding is a unique tapestry of emotions, traditions, and dreams. As you plan your own special day, may their love story inspire you to create a wedding as extraordinary as your love. Here’s to your own unforgettable Queenstown wedding adventure.

Day 1 – Islamic Wedding – Getting Ready

Day 1 – Islamic Wedding – Ceremony

Day 2 – Western Wedding Celebration – Stoneridge Estate

Post Wedding Shoot at Deer Park Heights

Reception at Stoneridge Estate